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Questions To Ask The Real Estate Agent When Buying in Milton

When searching for your new home in Milton, whether it be a condo, townhouse, house or new development, enquire about the asking price and compare to similar homes in the neighbourhood. Next, Next, ask about the history and condition of the home, as well as the location (read more about Mississauga’s neighbourhoods). You also want to be aware of all the possible costs of buying, and for first time buyers consult my Buyer’s Orientation Package. I will be happy to answer your questions.

Who Pays Real Estate Agent Commission And Fees?

The seller pays the real estate agent’s commission as it is usually considered in the selling price. With Andrew Doumont, this is a one percent commission, with no hidden fees. When buying a property, you need to consider both the selling agent’s commission as well as the buying agent’s commission. As a low commission realtor, I focus on making my clients happy and gaining referrals. If you like buying with me, one day you may choose to sell your home with me too.

928 Hepburn Rd, Milton Home for Sale

928 Hepburn Rd, Milton Home for Sale

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