One Percent Realty January 23, 2014

Read our free moving guide checklist. breaks it down step-by-step starting two months prior, it will remove the stress when moving.

Two months before:

  • – Give rental notice, if necessary.
  • – Select a moving company.
  • – If you’re doing your own packing, begin packing items you won’t need during this time.
  • – Sell or give away unneeded items.


Six Weeks Before:

  • – Make records of belongings/valuables and insure if required.
  • – Make arrangements to store items if necessary.
  • – Obtain copies of personal records (e.g. medical, dental, academic (if you will be switching providers).


Four Weeks Before:

  • – Notify post office of change of address and send change of address cards.
  • – Notify utility and phone providers of change of address and arrange for connection at new address.
  • – Confirm move details with mover.
  • – Get boxes from the mover and continue packing. Label all boxes by room.


Two Weeks Before:

  • – Draw up floor plan of your new home and provide to the moving company with instructions on locating furniture. Label furniture accordingly.
  • – Arrange for childcare and pet sitting on moving day.
  • – If discarding bulky items, make arrangements according to municipal requirements.
  • – Arrange necessary move and related insurance costs.


One Week Before:

  • – Take down any fixtures that you plan to bring with you.
  • – Pack a moving day travel bag with essentials, such as a change of clothes and toiletries.
  • – Label items to be moved in the car.
  • – Have your lawyer/notary advise you of the exact amount owing, then have your certified cheque or bank draft prepared accordingly.


Moving Day:

  • – Review directions with mover.
  • – Save all copies of moving documentation.
  • – Check each room carefully; close windows, turn off water and appliances and lock doors.
  • – Notify landlord that property is vacant.
  • – Leave forwarding information.