One Percent Realty April 16, 2014

Aysun and Senol sold with low realtor fees AND excellent service. Yes. It’s possible.

Do you ever wonder if the realtor fees you paid were worth it when you sold your home? Often realtors will surprise you with lots of jargon, complex terms and claims of offering “full service” real estate services. Are they ever transparent about what full service really means to them? Quality full service real estate services are often stated, but are not usually delivered. Are they promoting your home on quality sites? Are the realtors presenting your home in the best way possible?

Did you get the full value for your home and were those realtor fees really worth it?

Regardless if you’re selling real estate in The Kingsway or real estate in The Beaches, a real estate agent’s service should always be consistent with what they promised you. Aysun and Senol recently sold their detached-home and got exactly what they asked for:

“Right from the start, Andrew impressed us with his willingness to accommodate our schedule. His honesty, his efficiency, and his professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for.

Andrew exhibited extraordinary skills in delivering the best exposure possible for our property. He utilized social media, the internet, services of a phenomenal photographer and he priced the property appropriately for the current market. His business acumen is remarkable.

His efforts were evident in the number of offers made above list price and the fact that our home was sold within two business days of being on the market. Andrew has accommodated ongoing and easy communication through both email and on the telephone. We always felt completely confident that the progress of the sale was well managed. Andrew made sure that we were well informed.

We would recommend Andrew to family, friends and anyone else that is looking to sell or buy a property. Thank you Andrew for a job a well done.”

Justify the realtor fees by getting a quality real estate agent. My selling process ensures results and is also at a competitive low one percent commission.