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"We sold our multimillion-dollar property in an affluent Toronto neighbourhood within a week and over asking. I can't stress enough the professionalism and experience that this team will bring to you."


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"Thank you Andrew, Oliver and Steph for your professionalism and for making the selling of our home a painless and lucrative experience! I would definitely recommend this team to help you with your property. Great job!"

Vivian De Juan

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"They have a great system down. I have interacted with a lot of agents in the past and Andrew and Stephanie are definitely at the top. Andrew helped us negotiate a great offer and streamlined the process over any hiccups (his experience was very important to ensure a smooth process)."

Andy Hui

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"Andrew and his team are exceptional!! In two months Andrew sold our downtown condo and a townhouse for the best price with closing dates that met our needs. He's amazing to work with, very professional, responsive and will go above and beyond to ensure you're getting what you need."


In Depth Success Story:

Outgrowing The City Condo

In the middle of COVID, a downtown couple welcomed a new puppy and looked to ditch their cramped condo and upsize to a bigger home.

Jenny & Alex Vincent 910- 123 Main Street Toronto ON 2 bed, 1 bathroom, Condo
Sold Price: $780,000 (5% above asking)

The Back Drop

Jenny & Alex bought a condo in the St.Lawrence Market area at the beginning of 2019.

They loved the location and unit but decided that it was time to have more space - working from home during COVID and getting a puppy definitely accelerated their house timeline.

Problem At Hand

Jenny had serious questions about the market given COVID; they'd attempted to sell in the fall of 2020 but with the market not seeing much action and the start of the 2nd lockdown in Toronto, they didn't succeed.

They decided to get back in the market in mid January 2021 and turned to us, OnepercentGuys (OPG) for support around how to strategically price, list and drive traffic to their condo.

The First Meeting

We did a full home evaluation and put together a numbers backed strategy, including comparables that allowed Jenny & Alex to have a realistic conversation on how they can get maximum value for their condo.

“Andrew was amazing right from the beginning. Within two days of us reaching out he met with us at our unit, prepared with a perspective around where we should price and what our strategy to sell should be."

- Alex

The Selling Process

Once Jenny & Alex decided to work with us, we were quick at setting up a photographer, creating marketing materials and organizing all paperwork; within 3 days we were on the market, with immediate interest.

We were able to sell within 1 week of originally listing but unfortunately had the buyer back out at the last minute.

While this was tough news for the couple, we reminded them that it happens. We brought back a rational and optimistic perspective to get back out there right away.

Within 1 week after re-listing, we'd sold again for more than the original offer, making it an easy decision for Jenny & Alex to say yes. We worked closely with buyer's agent in the background, providing Jenny & Alex with frequent updates and insight into where we thought they could net out, and got them the deal they were looking for.

As a closing bonus, the clients also saved $5,000 in commission with our 1% listing fee.

Pivot To Looking At Houses

Once we sold the client's condo, we were able to pivot and start looking at houses.

As with selling, we provided a fact based, rational approach to purchasing, sharing our perspective on what things were worth and considerations sellers often don't think about. This reassured the clients that we had their best interests at heart and that we wouldn't rush into any bad decisions.

“Andrew was very proactive, sending us listings and setting up viewings the day houses hit the market. He reviewed the home inspection with us and helped us accurately determine any additional costs that we may have to incur for windows, knob & tube wiring etc. "

- Jenny

A New Home Secured!

When we found the house that the clients loved we were able to act quickly - viewing and putting in an offer within the first 36 hours of it being on the market. We provided insight into what the buyers were looking for, allowing us to put forward our best and most reasonable offer.

Despite the tough competition, the clients successfully purchased the home and are now happily settled with a larger space to work from home and most importantly - entertain the puppy!

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