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Housing Affordability in Toronto: A New Approach to Homeownership

Toronto is an expensive city to live in. It is notorious for its lack of affordable housing, and yet there is never a shortage of people who want to live here. What continues to drive housing costs up is basic supply and demand. Toronto is currently experiencing a high demand for housing, and available units disappear quickly as prices continue to climb. This year, housing prices… Read more »

Key Stats + Expert Advice on Navigating the Toronto Real Estate Market 2020

We are currently in the midst of a “Seller’s Market” where there simply isn’t enough inventory to supply the amount of buyers ready to purchase. As a result, almost every property has multiple offers or interest from several parties. This is the nature of the current real estate market in Toronto. Remember, we live in the most dynamic market in the world. But there are things… Read more »

Should I Rent or Buy A Home? 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy

Should I rent or buy a home -the age old question. Some people like the “freedom” of renting, while some people like the security in buying their own home. We will flat out tell you that buying a home is a better option than deciding to rent one. There may be more responsibilities to owning your own home, but there are many benefits that outweigh the… Read more »

Top 5 Toronto Neighbourhoods To Live in

Toronto is a great city to live in, but there are so many diverse and wonderful places to choose from -which neighbourhood should you select? Well, purchasing a home just got a little bit easier! Toronto Life has issued the best places to live in the Toronto area and we at definitely agree with their top 5 picks. 5th Place: High Park North Developments of… Read more »

Toronto Home Buying Process Influenced by Commute Times

There are many factors that can affect the Toronto Home Buying Process. A new survey by BMO suggests that commute times are becoming a key factor when deciding on buying a new home for first-time buyers. There are certain factors when deciding on a house like whether the neighbourhood is safe or how far the school is from the prospect home. The highest concern is finding… Read more »

10 Overlooked Costs When Buying a New Home

Thinking about buying your beautiful dream home? That’s great! Just be aware of the many fees associated with buying a new home. Listed here are ten costs that can add up, and often, get overlooked when planning a move. A good realtor should be able to explain these costs and make sure that you are fully prepared before taking you on various open house trips. 1)… Read more »

Understanding Mortgages – 4 Questions You Need To Ask

So you want to buy a house, but the idea of understanding mortgages makes you ill? Not to worry, I have covered the most important things you need to know about understanding mortgages in this article. So before heading to the first bank you see and asking to be approved for a mortgage, here are the key terminologies and options available to you. It may seem… Read more »

Game of Homes – Toronto Home Buying Guide

Maybe you are looking to buy a home or ready to sell. It’s great to have a Toronto home buying guide you can quickly go over when you are ready to buy or sell. If you are selling you can gain more trust with your buyer by letting them know all the costs they will face when buying a house. Especially for first time buyers they… Read more »