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How Your Toronto Property Tax Dollars Are Being Spent…

If you are a homeowner in Toronto, then you must be well aware of that “little” bill that comes in your mail every year. Oh you know, comes every spring (and yet always seems like a surprise when you open it) –I am referring to your Toronto property tax bill! Toronto is projected to spend $9.658 billion this year. Approximately $3.75 billion from that total will… Read more »

Toronto Housing Market Overview – February 2014

February has come and gone and as you can see in the chart below, we move into a busy time for the Toronto housing market. March is when things pick-up as it’s the perfect time to take photos of your home or take care of home renovations. If you are thinking about putting your home on the market this spring, NOW is the time to get… Read more »

Will Land Transfer Tax in Toronto Stay or Go?

There have been talks about the land transfer tax in Toronto and whether it will be sticking around or not. Mayor Ford has declared against it; however, this didn’t go to well with the council. This tax has been in place before Rob Ford became mayor in 2010 and has yielded $1.26 billion since it came to life under David Miller in 2008. Even councillor Frank… Read more »